Multives Group

Multives is a holding company that managing 3 Strategic Business units focused on supporting supply packaging to customers through meaningful quality and services. The company is a leader in supplying corrugated carton box, and can making products as well as supplying filter for automotive and heavy duty.

Multipack Paper Division

Multipack Paper division with more than 25 years experiences in supporting corrugated carton box to customers, now is one of the market leader in Indonesia. The output coming from 2 plants located in West Java.

Multipack Can-Making Division

Multipack manufactures tinplate can packaging for industries such as confectionaries, insecticides, aerosol, pesticides, paint, oil, ink, solvent and glue using strong, resistant and leak-proof materials. With over 30 years experience in can making, we are now the market leader in high performance aerosol can.

Multives Filtration

Multives manufactures filtration solution for your Automotive, Heavy Duty and Marine requirements under the brand name of Jimco. Staying true to our promise to deliver utmost customer satisfaction, we are relentlessly pursuing operational efficiency and optimum power to your engines with every application of Jimco filtration products.

Multives Consumer Brands

For our existing portfolio of consumer brands, please visit and for further information.

Multives Logistics

Our Logistic Venture,, strives to lower logistical cost in Indonesia through the creation and management of an efficient logistic-ecosystem. We are serving mid-mile delivery in various industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Food and Beverage, Raw Material, Transportation, Telecommunication, Construction, and Small Medium Enterprises.



Multives is committed to doing business the right way. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are taking actions to minimize the impact on our business activities on the environment while creating opportunities. We multiply the impact and help accomplish extraordinary things by combining the power of human and technology.


Multives has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999, and continues to build on this certification with numerous quality and safety initiatives within the plant.
One of the most efficient plants in the region, we utilize advanced technology and enhanced line configuration to achieve higher productivity than in conventional plants. The plant's automatic process equipment, operates at high efficiency and with minimal waste of raw materials.